At T&M Aviation, we take pride in our community. That’s why we’ve pledged our commitment to improving it throughQuality Vegetation Management™ (QVM).

QVM is a set of principles that creates and sustains healthy habitats through professional, ethical and responsible practices. It’s a way of thinking, a way of acting, and a core set of beliefs that guide us every day. Becoming QVM Certified requires that our company not only follow prescribed business standards and ethics, but that our field applicators complete intensive training on herbicide applications, customer service, environmental stewardship and more.

As QVM Certified Applicators, we are experts in vegetation management and make it our daily responsibility to continually better the environment around us. That’s why we strive to protect threatened and endangered species. That’s why we use Smart Herbicides™ that act only on plant-specific systems (not birds, animals, insects, fish or humans). That’s why we believe we can make a world of difference, every day.

Don’t trust your vegetation management to just anybody. Get Quality Vegetation Management with T&M Aviation.

Click here to watch the video “Making the World a Better Place” and learn more about the success QVM achieves everyday.