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Our experienced team of application professionals possess more than 30 years’ combined experience. Every member of our team is highly trained and certified to deliver optimal performance, safety and customer satisfaction. T&M Aviation utilizes progressive, state-of- the-art technologies in all of its operations. Our cutting- edge aerial application capabilities are designed to deliver optimum performance, customer satisfaction and safety:

  • Two Bell 206B3, Two Bell 206L3 & One Bell 206L4 helicopters with custom-built instrument panels designed specifically for aerial application, and equipped with the latest DGPS guidance systems and automatic flow control units.
  • AgNav Guia Gold and Platinum DGPS guidance system provides sub-meter real time accuracy with state-of-the-art features including GIS uploading, detailed application recording and full moving map capabilities.
  • AutoCal II flow control system works with the AgNav2 DGPS guidance system, delivering precise application rates regardless of the helicopter’s ground speed.
  • High-capacity batch trucks assure less down time and more productivity. Each spray tract is batched for its precise amount to increase safety and accuracy.
  • Use of the latest GIS technology allows for a precise and more productive aerial application mission.